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How do Member Charities Benefit?

Membership in Donors Unite has its benefits—including top slots in our search engine, charity spotlight pages, and exclusive access to marketing materials and more! So, even smaller community-based charities will get otherwise hard-to-reach exposure.

  • • Increase exposure to local and non-local supporters
  • • Access a new, low-risk approach to fundraising
  • • Grow your list of loyal supporters
  • • Get connected to your community
  • • Receive FREE helpful fundraising materials

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How can I find a good charity to benefit?

All Donors Unite charities come from Guidestar, a trusted information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. Start at our Find a Charity page to find one that supports your favorite cause or local community.

How much of the gift card value goes to charity?

Our transaction fees are very low for all charities and would qualify Donors Unite to an A+ rating for fundraising efficiency (i.e. how much it costs to raise a dollar). But, for Donors Unite member charities are charged the lowest fees because it’s easier to process payments to those charities who have provided us with the necessary information via their member account. Go to our member charity section for details.

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