Donors Unite Offers Gift Cards for Change

Story originally posted on - May 22, 2017

By Helaina Hovitz

Every year, charitable giving becomes easier for the general public to participate in—clothing brands are almost expected to donate a portion of their sales to a cause they care about, parties that were once just for the fun of the dance now double as fundraisers, and coat drives are held at bars that offer free drinks in exchange for a jacket drop-off.

Whether you consider yourself to be a philanthropist or not, there’s no debating that giving is becoming a more mainstream part of everyday life, and the way Sag Harbor-based entrepreneur Myron Levine sees it, you don’t have to be a philanthropist to get involved.

Enter this month’s launch of Donors Unite, Levine’s new charity gift-card-giving website that aims to revolutionize charitable giving in the Hamptons and beyond. Claim codes allow individual, everyday people—along with businesses, wedding and party planners—to give to charity in someone else’s name and present them with that gift in the form of a personalized card.

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