Tis’ the Season for Giving Back – Join us for Giving Tuesday

It seems that as soon as we turn the page from October 31 to November 1, our focus shifts and we go straight into high gear holiday planning. For many of us, that means pulling out cookbooks handed down from our grandmothers, securing holiday travel plans and putting together gift lists for friends, family, clients and business associates. Some rely on Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday blow out sales to tackle the gift-giving list. Others hit the malls and catalogs in search of finding a token that conveys how valued the recipient is.

We cherish the time we spend with our loved ones at the holidays and recognize that the real gifts are truly in the giving. Sometimes material offerings feel a little hollow when we reflect on the meaning of the holidays. There’s an extraordinary way to make giving more meaningful for you and the beneficiary or your gifts. When you give a Donors Unite charitable gift card, it’s not just the recipient that receives:

  • You feel the reward of service and social responsibility;
  • Your friend, client or relative receives a wonderful present;
  • A community in need benefits from your support.

That win-win-win is why we are taking part in Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving. We want everyone to know how truly remarkable it feels to give.

We’re Dreaming About Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday started in 2012 as a way to share the goodwill of the holiday season. Not everyone is privileged with good fortune and Giving Tuesday is a wonderful opportunity to share your luck with someone else. This shopping season, be prepared to give, give, give alongside the Donors Unite community and people all over the world.

At Donors Unite we have lofty dreams, but we aren’t dreaming for our benefit. We want to raise $100,000 as part of the worldwide Giving Tuesday campaign. Your holiday shopping will help us reach our goal to give back.

Be a part of the movement. Join us in working towards our #GivingTuesday fundraising goal.

Transform the Way You Gift

It’s not necessary to stand in line at 5 a.m. for the discounted sweater that your sister-in-law will probably wear once. Think beyond giving a corporate gift basket with food that goes stale before it gets eaten. Don’t make several stops for all of the people on your list. Giving a charitable gift card actually simplifies your shopping. With the Donors Unite website, your charitable gift shopping is complete in just a few clicks.

The good vibes start flowing from the start. Find a charity whose mission you support or choose one that matters to the person you’re buying the gift for. If you aren’t sure what your recipient is passionate about, let them choose their preferred charity when they redeem the gift card. With over 1.5 million registered U.S. charities on the Donors Unite site, you’re guaranteed to find a benefiting organization whose mission matters. Imagine the overwhelming joy everyone will feel when your donation helps a charity receive much needed financial support during the holidays, all in the name of the recipient. This is a truly unique gift that keeps on giving.

Get started and find a charity near you.

After you select the charity, customize your design and greeting to personalize this special gift further. Choose the amount you’d like to give from $10 on up. And when you purchase a 100% tax-deductible charitable gift card during the Giving Tuesday campaign week (November 22 through November 28), your money is helping us to reach our goal to raise $100,000 for small, community-based charities near you.

Everyone Receives When You Give

Imagine taking a portion of your yearly personal or business gift budget and putting it towards making a positive difference in your community. By gifting through Donors Unite, you now have the opportunity to donate to small, grassroots, community-based philanthropies that are sometimes overshadowed by the big corporate-type organizations. Instead of buying gifts never used, your money will actively make a difference in the lives of others. That is genuinely spreading the goodwill of the holiday season.

Here are some other simple ways you can make an exponential impact by joining us this Giving Tuesday:

Send a card to a child or grandchild. Make it a one-time gift or a monthly gift to help teach them the value of philanthropy. Words are important, but actions speak louder. A charity gift card sends a clear message about the importance of philanthropy which they will carry with them into adulthood. Plus, they’ll have fun choosing a charity that supports a cause they love like animal rights, music for underprivileged kids, and countless others.

Buy a card as a housewarming gift for your new neighbors. With our Find a Charity search engine, it will be easy for them to “give where you live” to support a local charity in your ‘hood.

Get cards as “thank yous” for all of the holiday parties you’ll be attending this season. Come to the fête ready with a bottle of red in one hand and a beautiful printed Donors Unite card in the other.

Load your Donors Unite Wallet with money you’ve put aside for holiday gifts for clients and staff. Then before everyone heads out for their Winter break, you can email them each a charity gift card so they can give back this holiday season too.

With the Wallet feature, you can set aside money now to use for cards for any occasion throughout the year. The amount funded is a valid deduction as a charitable contribution on the date you set up the Wallet. Even if you add money to your account as late December 31, 2017, it counts as a 2017 tax deduction. Use the upcoming Giving Tuesday campaign to plan for next year’s gifting, and we can reach our $100,000 fundraising goal that much faster.

Sign up for Donors Unite and start using the Wallet today.

Be a Part of Something Special

Giving Tuesday is a special day.

Giving Tuesday could be the start of a 365-days-a-year season of giving back. Think about it. We could be at the forefront of a movement that revolutionizes how and what we purchase as gifts.

Americans spent over $1 trillion on gifts in 2016. By gifting a portion of that through Donors Unite, you now have the opportunity to donate to small, grassroots, community-based philanthropies that are sometimes overshadowed by the big corporate-type organizations. Instead of buying gifts never used, your money will actively make a difference in the lives of others. That is genuinely spreading the goodwill of the holiday season all-year-long.

Charitable gift cards are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. The options are limitless - your brother who has everything, a new business partner, or the neighbor you’re just getting to know would all benefit from your difference-making. Your children and grandchildren would learn an invaluable lesson about community service when they can use their card to pick a charity that matters to them.

At Donors Unite we are excited to be a part of the movement towards a more selfless holiday season during the Giving Tuesday campaign. We hope that you will join our efforts and help make a difference to so many people this holiday season.

Get started by customizing a charity gift card today.