Meaningful Mother´s Day Gifts That Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (yikes)! And just like this year, and the year before, you waited until the last minute to find a gift. But, instead of picking up a generic greeting card, some flowers, and a candy bar on your way to see mom, we have a better way.

We have your ultimate Mother’s Day Meaningful Gift Guide!

Why Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Mom Matter

First, you may be thinking, “My mom already has everything she wants and needs. What could I possibly get her that she doesn’t already have?” (this goes for your sister, aunt, grandma and wife too). All mom wants is to know that you’re thinking of her on this special day. In fact, did you know that the founder of Mother’s Day actually denounced the holiday’s commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar? Now, if that doesn’t tell you that Mother’s Day isn’t about material gifts…

Now that you know that Mother’s Day isn’t all about buying mom an overpriced bouquet of flowers or jewelry, we can get a little more creative (and fun)!

Skip the Store for Printable Mother’s Day Cards

According to Fundivo, seventy-eight percent of Americans buy greetings cards on Mother's Day. While we agree that it may be fun to do the intricate dance in the card aisle with fellow shoppers in order to find and read and select that perfect card, we think there is a better way: printable cards.

Why are printable cards better?

  • They’re free - minus the small amount of ink and paper required.
  • You can customize them - most printable cards give you the option to customize them with your own picture and greeting.
  • They save you the trip to the drugstore - no waiting in line, no fighting with fellow shoppers to find the right greeting.
  • They’re meaningful - with the option to customize them, you don’t have to choose a “canned” greeting that may not seem genuine or thoughtful.
  • They can be higher quality - print them on high quality paper for a keepsake (not a throwaway) card

Websites and applications for making printable cards are getting easier to use every day. There are so many options for creating your own printable Mother’s Day cards, but some of our favorites include:

For greeting-card-like printable cards, you can find several beautiful options on top lifestyle bloggers’ websites. On Lolly Jane, you can download three free printable hand-lettered Mother’s Day cards designed by a graphic designer and mom of 3 Dawn Nicole. Find a colorful printable Mother’s Day card on Love the Day blog, or download her template for her newly released printable Mother’s Day tags. Hang the tags on your DIY Mother’s Day gift with twine or string, or put on a straw or stick when gifting a house plant. And when you’re not sure exactly what to say, Simple as That blog has you covered with five printable cards with inspirational quotes for Mother’s Day.

Does the mom in your life have a particular cause or charity that she’s passionate about? Charity gift cards can make a unique and meaningful last-minute Mother’s Day gift. Our website offers printable charity gift cards that can be customized with one of our beautiful images or you can upload one of your own. Maybe there’s a charity in the local community that helped your family or friends in need when it was needed most? Or maybe a charity saved the life of someone important in her life? A charity gift card is a thoughtful gift for mom and a wonderful way to give back to the world.

One of our favorite new mobile applications is Pixinote. With Pixinote, you can still skip the store and send a short and sweet Mother’s Day greeting to mom in a few days. Since it’s created and sent through your phone, you can just upload a pic from your gallery then and there. And because it’s sent via snail mail, it will automatically seem a more meaningful than an email or text. We still think you need to give her a call though.

What is the Perfect Mother’s Day Greeting?

What is the perfect Mother’s Day greeting? One that comes from the heart.

You’ve literally known your mother longer than anyone else in your life, but it still can be hard to find the perfect words to say how much she means to you. The same goes for your wife, sister or grandma. It can be hard to convey what you feel in a simple greeting.

Luckily, there are so many places to find the right Mother’s Day greeting for your mom. Was your mom always fond of great poetry or literature? Then look for quotes from famous poets and writers to speak to her. Then write the quote on a greeting card or paper to give to her along with her favorite or new book or collection of poems.

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Or maybe mom is more of a musician. There are countless famous songs about mom. For another DIY Mother’s Day gift idea, you could write the lyrics of one of her favorite songs on a greeting card or paper that can be framed and given to her. For extra brownie points, make her a Mother’s Day playlist of empowering songs on Spotify to play for her when you visit, call or FaceTime mom.

If you’re one of those people who don’t get inspired to write that perfect greeting until the day of the special occasion, we understand. That’s why we offer pre-printed greeting cards and custom stationary, so you can give charity gift cards to all of the moms in your life (with your special, handwritten greeting). You can order cards with your name on them and buy the number of gift codes you need in advance. Then, when you’re ready to give her the card, just write in your unique greeting and the code.

Homemade Gifts for Mom Are Always Appreciated

What Americans buy for Mother’s Day? Greeting cards, flowers, and special outings (according to Fundivo).

What do America's moms want for Mother’s Day? Something homemade, dinner, greeting card, gift cards (according to

So, how are you going to get it right this year? By making her something homemade to give to her over dinner with a greeting card and a gift card, right?

For the homemade gifts, we gave you a few ideas above with the Spotify Mother’s Day playlist and the framed poem or song lyrics. But, there are so many more DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that will truly make her feel so special.

If you have kids, you’ll want to get their help on making something for the moms and grandmas. Anything they make with their little hands is irresistible! You can find adorable crafts from kids on sites like and Pinterest. Many can be made with common household goods, some paint or crayons.

Another option is to consider using all of those pictures that you and mom have shared on social media. There are so many options available for making a beautiful memory book out of Instagram photos with a few clicks and for less than $20. And if mom is into home decorating, you can even turn your beautiful photos into lamps, pillows and other home accessories. Wouldn’t she love to see her children’s or grandchildren’s smiling faces every time she walks by her couch? The only thing you need to remember for the dinner piece of the gift is: do not let her lift a finger! This goes for dinner, lunch, or breakfast in bed. Whatever meal you’re treating her to, make sure it’s all about her and that she doesn’t have to be part of the preparation or clean-up. If you have that down, everything else should be smooth sailing.

Charity Gift Cards for Mother’s Day

One of our favorite aspects of our charity gift cards is that they can be purchased in any amount, even as little as $10. This makes them perfect as a substitute for a material gift (repeat after us, no flowers) or in addition to your beautiful homemade gift, houseplant, custom printable card or home decor.

Gift cards are always a popular gift for Mother’s Day and all occasions. But, a charity gift card really shows how much mom means to you because she has the option to donate to a cause or charity that has made a difference in her life. Plus, if you have kids at home, redeeming your charity gift card can be a fun activity with the little ones, while teaching them the importance of philanthropy.

We’re so excited to share this revolutionary new charity gift card program with you right before Mother’s Day. Please enjoy your time on the site and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on how Donors Unite works.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Team #DonorsUnite