Our Team

Meet the people behind Donors Unite. We have diverse skills and interests, but are united around one thing: helping charities further their missions.

Myron Levine

Myron Levine is the founder and CEO of Donors Unite Management Corp. He has founded and served as a director on multiple nonprofit organizations including All For The East End (“AFTEE”) and The Joshua Levine Foundation, named for his son who he lost in a tragic accident in 2010. His experience in the nonprofit sector revealed to him the difficulty charities have in raising necessary funds to continue their important missions. Starting the Donors Unite charitable gift card program was his answer to the call for help.

Michael Rudes

Michael Rudes enthusiastically joined the Donors Unite team in February 2016. Since studying corporate communications at Ithaca College, he has spent over fifteen years in sales and account management, first in the food industry, then in digital and e-commerce. During this time he earned a certificate in future commerce from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Rudes heads up Donors Unite’s sales, marketing and operations. He currently serves as the Senior Vice President at Donors Unite.

David Okorn

David Okorn is the Executive Director of the Long Island Community Foundation which is a division of the New York Community Trust. Dave has over 25 years of progressively responsible experience in foundation management and corporate/public relations. He has worked with Myron Levine both on the formation of AFTEE and in the formation of Donors Unite. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Donors Unite, Inc.

Advisory Board Members

Our advisory board is composed of trusted individuals who we have relied on in the past for external feedback and advice. These individuals have consulted on a wide range of topics that have helped build our team's knowledge, capacity, and productivity.

Bob Berger

Bob Berger has been President and CEO in the commercial real estate and restaurant industries for many years, responsible for construction, design, compliance, personnel, acquisitions, and finance. He's held leadership roles in several industry-related and community organizations. Bob recognizes the importance of raising funds for integral, community-based charity organizations. He joined the Donors Unite team as an advisor and member of the Board of Directors

Bob Edelman

Bob Edelman is most recently the CEO for Dan’s Papers, the largest and most widely distributed print and online publication serving Long Island’s East End. Bob has used his position to support many nonprofits across the East End of Long Island with marketing support for their fundraising efforts.

Steve Schnee

Steve Schnee is an Emmy award-winning TV journalist with extensive network broadcasting experience in storytelling domestic and international news and features. He’s been a Producer for news shows including ABC 20/20, World News Tonight, Nightline, and Good Morning America, and has a special interest in highlighting crises in Africa.

Lina Fenequito

Lina Fenequito brings with her a solid background in art and technology and a keen interest in entrepreneurship and creativity. She has founded and worked for various innovative companies including, Mommikin.com, R/GA, and Good World Media, the creative design agency that she co-founded with her husband Ray. Lina drives the technology that powers DonorsUnite.org.

Ray Mancini

Ray Mancini heads up creative direction and design for Donors Unite. He studied Computer Graphics and Fine Art at Syracuse University before going on to get his Masters in Interactive/Communication Design from Pratt Institute. Ray is Creative Director for Good World Media, the creative design agency that he co-founded with his wife Lina.

Jenn Barber

Jenn Barber leads marketing efforts for Donors Unite and believes creating good content is your best business strategy. Originally from Flint, Michigan, she migrated to San Diego to begin working in digital media and marketing for visionary companies and entrepreneurs to help make their dreams a reality.

We have many other team members and volunteers that help keep Donors Unite running and have helped us out in the past and will continue to provide assistance as we grow.